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is a children's American animated television series on PBS Kids and PBS Kids GO! set in cyberspace. Seasons one through five were produced by Thirteen/WNET New York and Nelvana. As of season six Cyberchase is produced by WNET in association with Title Entertainment Inc. This television series premiered January 21, 2002, although the episode "The Poddleville Case" was shown as a pilot on WNET on March 24, 2000. This show is for children ages 8 and up, and teaches discrete mathematics. Christopher Lloyd as The Hacker Gilbert Gottfried as Digit Novie Edwards as Jackie Jacqueline Pillon as Matt Annick Obonsawin as Inez Len Carlson as Buzz (Seasons 1-4, Season 5: 4 episodes) Phil Williams as Buzz (Season 5: 6 episodes Robert Tinkler as Delete Linda Ballantyne as Wicked Richard Binsley as Dr. Marbles Kristina Nicoll as Motherboard The show stars three Earth children- Matt, Jackie and Inez- and Digit, a cyboid- a bird-like cyborg. The three kids and Digit work to stop the evil deeds of the Hacker and his two cyborg henchmen, Buzz and Delete. The series takes place in Cyberspace, with planetlike bodies called "Cybersites." Each cybersite is inhabited by "Cyborgs", the virtual inhabitants of Cyberspace. Some are based on real-world places, such as ancient Egypt and the American Old West, or fantasy worlds, such as mythological Greece. The guardian of all Cyberspace is Motherboard; her repairman is Dr. Marbles. In the pilot, "Lost My Marbles", Hacker infects Motherboard with a computer virus. At a library on Earth, while looking at a computer, Matt, Jackie, and Inez are sucked through a dimensional portal into Cyberspace. In their first adventure they go to an island to rescue Dr. Marbles. In subsequent adventures, they return to Cyberspace to thwart Hacker's evil plans, which vary from ruining Motherboard to trying to take over a Cybersite. Throughout the season, the cybersquad searches for a new encryptor chip for Motherboard. In episode 109, the kids nearly retrieved the encryptor chip but lose it in a dust storm. season 6 This season is animated in Adobe Flash. Each Cyberchase episode is followed by "Cyberchase For Real", a live-action educational supplement linking concepts learned in the show to real life experiences. The actors are in their twenties, but amusingly act in a manner similar to the age of the target audience. "For Real" is produced by WNET on location in and around New York City after production is completed on the animated segments. These "For Real" segments are broadcast exclusively on PBS in the United States where the program runs longer because public television does not show commercials. "For Real" segments can also be viewed at Cyberchase Online. Feel free to look around a bit.

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